Big John Buscema Comics and Drawings interior 21

Big John Buscema: Comics & Drawings

John Buscema has been called one of the finest comic artists who ever put pen to paper. His work for Marvel Comics on The Avengers, Thor, the Fantastic Four, and Silver Surfer are all classics, highly regarded by fans from…

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Binky Brown Meets the Holy Virgin Mary interior 9

Binky Brown meets The Holy Virgin Mary

A lost classic of underground cartooning, Binky Brown Meets The Holy Virgin is the very first of two genres: the autobiographical graphic novel and a secular exposition of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Through his cartoon doppelganger Binky, Justin Green explores the relationship between sexual…

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Jim Lees X Men Artists Edition interior 24

Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition

Jim Lee has been drawing comics for more than 30 years and is one of the most popular comic book artists of all time. The impact his dynamic artwork has had on the comics industry—to his legions of fans and…

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OK Corral Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 9

OK Corral Édition Noir Et Blanc

From Tombstone, from OK Corral, the legend has retained only a famous collective duel which saw, one morning of 1881, four famous thugs, the Clanton and McLaury clan, fall under the bullets of the no less illustrious Earp brothers supported…

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Hermann Le Naturaliste De La Bande Dessinee interior 14

Hermann: Le Naturaliste De La Bande Dessinee

From the 1960s with the screenwriter Michel Greg, on the Bernard Prince and Comanche series then alone on Jeremiah and Les Tours de Bois-Maury, today with Yves H. on many one-shots, Hermann multiplies the drawing techniques, goes from black and white to colour and spreads in very diverse…

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Michael Goldens Micronauts Artists Edition interior 26

Michael Golden’s Micronauts Artist’s Edition

Michael Golden is regarded as one of the masters of comic art, and his long-out-of-print Micronauts is regarded as the “holy grail” among his many legions of fans. Now, through special arrangement with Marvel Comics and Hasbro, IDW is proud to present…

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The Frank Darabont Collection catalog interior 13

The Frank Darabont Collection catalogue

Following the hugely successful sale of Frank Frazetta art from the collection of Dave Winiewicz, Profiles in History is delighted to announce their upcoming sale of select works from the personal collection of legendary writer, director, and film producer Frank…

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