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Deal Alert October 2023

Lurid Media (formerly Wayne Alan Harold Productions) is having a ridiculous sale on P. Craig Russell’s Salome and Other Stories Fine Art Edition: $30 USD via eBay! I loved this book, except for the cover, and encourage anyone who doesn’t…

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AE Index Poll August 2023

Since the 1970s comic book creatives who have become fan favourites working for one of the big companies have struck out on their own creating universes without superheroes. The audience didn’t always follow these creatives from the titles that made…

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Deal Alert July 2023

Some long weekend deals available from IDW and Wayne Alan Harold to celebrate July 4th, but I know in their hearts they also want to celebrate Canada Day. IDW sent this via email: This 4th of July, we invite you…

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IDW 2024 DC Announcement

IDW once again has the rights to publish Artist’s Editions based on DC Comics properties, and this time there is no time frame limit. The first two Artist’s Editions from this new agreement are David Mazzucchelli’s Batman: Year One Artist’s…

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