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Road trip to Baltimore Comic Con 2018

The 2018 Baltimore Comic*Con is taking place September 28-30 and I'll be attending. The reasons this convention appeals to me are twofold: a great list of AE creators and a comic-centric show focus.
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Deal Alert for September 2018

We don't normally cover sales on the Artist's Edition Index, but perhaps that should change. Things From Another World is having a crazy sale on some IDW volumes that shouldn't be missed. Click on the price linked to get the deal.
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AE MIA: Missing After Announcing 2018 Edition

In March 2017 I took a look at announced or solicited AE format books that had yet to materialize in AE MIA: Missing After Announcing. Thankfully two from last year's list have seen publication, so there is hope! If a book is still actively scheduled through Diamond, such as Dynamite's Best Of Vampirella Art Edition, it won't be part of this list. As well, if a book hasn't had any mention since the last MIA it won't appear here, such as Carl Barks Uncle Scrooge Artifact Edition.
AE featured 100th celebration

Questions from the forums

As part of our celebration of the 100th AE format book, I solicited questions from the forum members. What would people like to know about my experiences with Artist's Edition format books, this site, or anything that fell between. These are the questions followed by my candid answers.
Bernie Wrightson's Frankenstein Artist's Edition cover prelim

SDCC 2018 Artist’s Edition Coverage

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 wrapped up last weekend with very little news about Artist’s Edition format books. We did come away with two items: a press release and the audio portion of a panel. SAN DIEGO, CA (July 20, 2018)…

Q&A with Scott Dunbier: Session Two

For 2018 Scott Dunbier graciously offered to answer our Patreon patron’s questions monthly. Our first batch of questions was substantial and broken into two parts; if you haven’t please see Session One. 10. How do you decide which volumes warrant…

Q&A with Scott Dunbier: Session One

For 2018 Scott Dunbier graciously offered to answer our Patreon patron’s questions monthly. Unfortunately this hasn’t worked out: Scott’s a busy guy, cranking out twelve AE books a year for our reading pleasure, plus other special projects for IDW. I’m…

Jim Lee talks DC Legends Artifact Edition

Announced at WonderCon 2018 is the Jim Lee DC Legends Artifact Edition. Details are light, but this will be solicited in the May 2018 Previews for a September release. 144 pages, 12″ x 17″, including Batman, Superman, Wildcats and more.…

Bob Chapman talks Graphitti Designs Gallery Editions

Felix Lu interviews Bob Chapman about Graphitti Designs and their Gallery Edition line. Well worth the listen. A few key points in the interview. A Batman: Year One David Mazzucchelli Gallery Edition will be published at some point. Chapman was…