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IDW’s Artist’s Edition Numbering 2023

IDW numbers their Artist’s Editions and has for some time. Here is a complete list of all Artist’s Editions sorted by publication date. I originally posted this in February 2017 and then updated it in 2020 but a lot has…

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AE Index Poll Featured

AE Index Poll February 2023

Design. While the bulk of every AE format book is scans of original art, there is the opportunity to make those limited pages of other material eye-catching, immersive and engaging. Of this group, who does it best? This a continuation…

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AE Index Dunbier Awards Featured

2022 Dunbier Awards: The Winners!

Voting in the 2022 Dunbier Awards wrapped up on January 31. Click here to see the voting. Here are the winners. Best Overall: Dave Stevens’ The Rocketeer Artist’s Edition (40th Anniversary). Best Publisher: IDW, edited by Scott Dunbier. Best Design: Dave Stevens’ The…

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AE Index Podcast Featured

AE Index Podcast Episode 74

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word. This month I take a look at shipping changes, mail, 2022 Dunbier Awards, AE Format Out Of Print Sales December 2022, and reviews of Grains of Sand: 25 Years of the Sandman and Judge…

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Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition interior 1

Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition

The iconic Judge Dredd work of a master artist, from his earliest stories to his groundbreaking work on serials such as “The Cursed Earth” and “The Judge Child,” this Apex edition of Mick McMahon’s Judge Dredd work shows how his style constantly evolved…

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Grains Of Sand 25 Years of The Sandman interior 1

Grains of Sand: 25 Years of the Sandman

The Cartoon Art Museum presents a stunning 144-page full-colour soft cover catalogue showcasing over 100 pieces from CAM’s historic exhibition Grains of Sand. Highlights include more than 20 pages from the groundbreaking first issue of Sandman; eight pages from “The…

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