Deal Alert for April 2020

Two deals this week via creator newsletters: Steve Rude and P. Craig Russell! First up: Nexus Chronicles for $24.98 USD (50% off $49.95 with code CHRONICLES), or a marker sketched copy for $99.95 USD. An amazing book: here’s my review.…
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Geronimo L’Apache Édition Noir Et Blanc interior 10

Geronimo L’Apache Édition Noir Et Blanc

As in a well-regulated Greek tragedy, tension rises at Tombstone. The duel of the OK Corral becomes more and more inevitable and the personality of Géronimo continues to impose itself. The reader is caught in a whirlwind: he has the impression of…
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Artist’s Edition Index Poll April 2020

Welcome to our monthly poll, where we ask for all loyal AE fans to cast their votes. Over the years and through the woods. There are some amazing artists who have been working for many years and produced some of…
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Hero Initiative logo

Hero Initiative Q&A with Scott Dunbier

In support of the Hero Initiative, Scott Dunbier is participating in a 30 minute Q&A session via Zoom on Sunday, April 19, 2020, at 6 PM Eastern. This is limited to five people with a ticket price of $50 USD.…
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Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 40

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word. This month we take a look at Artist’s Edition Index Poll March 2020, Artisan Edition versus Artist’s Edition, shipping changes, Scott Dunbier on Comic Shenanigans, February 2020 sales numbers,…
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Scott Dunbier talks his career

Adam Chapman has a nice long talk with Scott Dunbier via the Comic Shenanigans podcast. Worth a listen for all AE fans. And thank you for the shout out! Some interesting points discussed. Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Artist’s Edition is currently…
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Morbus Gravis Deluxe Edition interior 14

Morbus Gravis Deluxe Edition

Limited to 700 copies hardcover edition of the first Druuna’s story, in b/w which reproduces a substantial part of the original black and white illustrations from Morbus Gravis with some original ballon by Serpieri in Italian. Introduction in English. Lo…
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February 2020 Sales Numbers

Diamond released its February 2020 sales numbers over the weekend and ICv2 has extrapolated those and determined actual unit sales. These numbers are for Diamond’s direct sales in North America only and don’t include Diamond UK or the bookstore market. It’s…
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