Dust Édition Noir Et Blanc

Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc cover

We had left Blueberry in dire straits, as the duel at OK Corral was about to begin, and a terrifying serial killer prepared to slaughter Doree Malone. Here is finally in a 72-page event album the long-awaited conclusion of the Mister Blueberry cycle where Giraud mixes with his incredible talent the darkest thriller with the most epic western. An essential monument of the Comic Strip.

Tombstone, July 1881, a never-ending game of poker takes place in the backroom of Dunhill when a killer hired by old Boone bursts in with a sawn-off shotgun in his hand. The man is not alone and his sidekick manages to kill Blueberry with a bullet in the back.

Our hero left for dead is being looked after by Doree Malone, the superb star singer of Dunhill. Thanks to her good care, Blueberry is recovering little by little. To occupy his convalescence he agrees to tell his story to John Campbell and Billy Parker, two journalists who came specially from Boston to collect his biography of an adventurer from the West.

However, in town tension mounts between the sinister Clanton manipulated by Stanfield, a crooked banker, and the Earps, the defenders of order. The four thugs and the vigilante brothers meet in the morning at OK Corral for what will become the most famous duel in the West.

What the Earp brothers do not know is that three particularly savage adventurers, Hon-le-dumb, the fake Marshall Straub and a sniper named Clark, also converge on the meeting place. What they also ignore is that Stanfield’s right-hand man, Ringo is a dangerous psychopath who has just kidnapped Doree Malone to slit her throat and offer her blood to the Red Dragon. All the elements of the tragedy are in place, the duel can begin …

The conclusion of the Mister Blueberry cycle, an event worthy of the series, one of the most exciting adventures in comics by the undisputed master, Jean Giraud.

The originals of Jean Giraud were scanned in very high definition, and the ultimate feeling of touching the plates such as the undisputed master of design delivered them. This large-format edition is an absolute treat for all tape lovers drawn, a masterful lesson in beauty.

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As with all AE format material (Artist’s Editions, Artifact Editions, Gallery Editions, Art Editions, Studio Editions, etc), this is a collection of classic comic material and I’ll be reviewing the book and not the story. For a complete list of all current and announced editions, with review links, please visit our Index. Also, see What is an Artist’s Edition and our Artist Index.

Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 1
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 2
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 3

Wrapping up Giraud’s five-volume Blueberry tale with an extra-long conclusion. And again I feel cheated by not having this available in English.

The publication notes the following on its colophon page; as with all translations shown here, my limited French and Google Translate are poor substitutes.

This black and white edition of Dust uses the original boards of Jean Giraud. These were completely rescanned so that the maximum details – fineness of the features, grays, densities of the hues of black, the precision of the backgrounds, and the few corrections of the author – could be seen. The 30 * 40 format, larger than the classic publication format, will help you find some of the incredible feelings that come from viewing the origins of one of the greatest artists of bande dessinée.

Scan quality is excellent: no softness or pixelation. Some pencil is visible, as is light correction fluid use. There are no notes or borders as the artboards have been cropped to only the panels. Blacks show gradients. It appears this artwork is full size but there is no indication of that in the colophon. The art shows no signs of ageing.

Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 4
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 5
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 6
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 7

The art is dense, tightly packed panels full of detail. Linger over every bit of background and marvel at Giraud’s talent. One page had very few backgrounds and it was a jarring contrast; included below.

This volume wraps up the story and as such is longer than any of the others at 72 pages. No chapter breaks with panel enlargements this time: it’s all story straight through. As such, there is little in the way of design. We get a title page, frontispiece and colophon, with the colour scheme following what was set from the first volume. The preceding four volumes didn’t have a frontispiece, so that felt out of format. It’s very clean, and that cover image is stellar.

Production is quite good. The signatures of heavy matte paper are stitched and glued into a softcover. While a hardcover would have been preferable, this is an excellent product at a low price.

Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 8
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 9
Dust Edition Noir Et Blanc interior 10

Five volumes of late Giraud artwork for $35 CAD each make this a must-have set for art fans. The first two volumes are getting hard to find, but grab the ones that are still on Amazon and hunt down the rest.