December 2016 Sales Numbers

Diamond released their December 2016 sales numbers over the weekend and ICv2 has extrapolated those and determined actual unit sales: Top 300 Comics Actual and Top 300 Graphic Novels Actual. Also worth noting is Diamond’s Top Ten Books. These numbers are for Diamond’s direct sales in North America only and don’t include Diamond UK or the bookstore market. It’s worth reading the additional information under the sales charts.

For the purposes of the AE Index, where we record initial sales month, no Artist Edition style books published in December 2016 made the sales chart. But one Artisan Edition style book made the charts, and was the only AE format book to be published.

100Jack Kirby Pencils And Inks Artisan Edition1130

Looks like the $50 price tag had a lot to do with making this book a brisk seller.

Let’s encourage publishers to release their sales numbers and print runs.