Diamond July 2022 Solicitations

Diamond has released its latest Previews World catalogue. These have appeared previously in publisher solicitations but I will list Diamond solicitations as well.

Alex Toths Bravo For Adventure Artists Edition new printing

Alex Toth’s Bravo For Adventure Artist’s Edition 2nd Printing

Revel in the art of one of the most important and influential artists of comics and animation of all time! Of every comics story Alex Toth ever drew, the only one that he kept the complete original art to was Bravo For Adventure. This Artist’s Edition is a virtual “how-to” course in drawing comics the Toth way. We see how he would draw all the detail in a scene, only to black it out in order to focus the reader’s eye on what really counted. Also included are variant versions of the Bravo saga featuring Noah Chance and the experimental aircraft called Condor, plus dozens of never-before-seen pencil roughs, preliminary drawings, and story fragments.

Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition cover

Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition

The iconic Judge Dredd work of a master artist, from his earliest stories to his groundbreaking work on serials such as “The Cursed Earth” and “The Judge Child,” this Apex edition of Mick McMahon’s Judge Dredd work shows how his style constantly evolved and helped make him one of the greatest Dredd artists of all time. Featuring high-resolution scans of original artwork, this is a deluxe, over-sized facsimile edition that reproduces McMahon’s original art pages at their actual size. Complete stories such as “Frankenstein II,” “The Wreath Murders,” and “Dream Palace” are published alongside pages from “The Cursed Earth,” “The Day the Law Died,” “The Judge Child,” “The Fink,” and “Block Mania.” This book ends with a section devoted to his colour Dredd work from the early Eighties, including the complete “Pinboing Wizard” and several double page spreads from the legendary “The Vampire Effect.”

Todd McFarlanes Spider Man Artists Edition cover prelim

Todd McFarlane’s Spider-Man Artist’s Edition

Todd McFarlane’s gorgeous work on Spider-Man was nothing less than groundbreaking. His intense version of the web-slinging wallcrawler took the character to new heights-instilling in the character a sense of energy and vitality rarely seen before. McFarlane took each character and made them his own-classic villains like the Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Sandman, the Vulture, the Lizard, plus his classic interpretations of some of Marvel’s greatest heroes, the Incredible Hulk and Wolverine! And let’s not forget his alluring Mary Jane! McFarlane was also the co-creator of one of the most infamous new characters in years, the villainous Venom. Each page in this volume has been painstakingly scanned from McFarlane’s hand-drawn art, allowing the reader to experience the artist’s originals as never before, seeing for the first time all the subtle nuances that make original art so unique and special. Blue pencils, ink gradients, corrections, all are completely visible. The only way to better experience these pages would be if you were in McFarlane’s studio as he was drawing them!