March 2022 Dupuis Solicitations

With the fragmentation of book distribution, I’ll be posting publisher solicitations as I find them, with the month found in the title. We’ll see how well this works.

A new AE format book was solicited on Dupuis’ website, the second in their Artiste Édition line.

Natacha Dupuis Artiste Edition cover

Natacha Dupuis Artiste Édition

With Natacha the air hostess (1970), François Walthéry and Gos created the first heroine of popular Franco-Belgian comics. The birth of this beauty is due as much to chance as to the talent of two authors, then almost unknown. Natacha et le Maharadja, the next album, shakes up the codes even more. Walthéry develops a graphic style that will influence generations of designers. The secret of the Gos-Walthéry duo? Audacity, experience, a small part recklessness, a hint of luck, great friendship and above all a lot of work! For the first time, the original boards of these two founding albums of the legend “Natacha” are reproduced in facsimile, in the original format! This “Dupuis Artiste Édition” appears on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Natacha et le Maharadja (February 1972: end of publication in Spirou; December 1972: publication of the album).