March 2023 Crowdfunding

Update 2023/04/13

Dear backers.

Due to unpredicted circumstances we have to cancel the project. Thank you all for your support.

Darkwood Team

Tarzan Untold Stories Artist Lines Edition

Tarzan Untold Stories Artist Lines Edition

This is a special occasion – the 40th anniversary of Tarzan, jewel from Europe. We did our best to prepare spectacular luxury editions for you and to offer you options to everyone’s taste. This is the world premiere of this book, and Kickstarter is the best platform to present the edition to the entire world, as we believe that this is something that such a book truly deserves. This is also the way for all Tarzan fans to learn that there are Tarzan stories that they had never heard about, which will be an excellent addition to their collection.

Unlike the usual graphic novels, this project features printing of the original artwork in a way to mimic the experience of a comic book artist viewing comic art. Artist Lines Edition is designed to print exactly the same dimension as the artwork papers that comic book artists usually use in their illustrations and also retain the editorial notes and printing crop marks seen on the papers. Artist Lines Edition specifically prints in a black and white palette to show the details of paste-overs, zip-a-tone technique, and blue pencils. In this edition, you get a complete visual pleasure, the original pages of the comic from the 80s in the original format, size and appearance are presented in this edition.

When you read this edition, you will have the feeling that you are reading directly from the original pages of the comic by the author.

As a special treat for devoted collectors, the luxurious Artist Lines edition: a release of the original artwork on the originally sized pages! 1 physical copy of the Tarzan: Untold Stories graphic novel (Original Art HC Edition) – Book 1 (14” x 20”) Treatment of the book cover: Spot UV, Matte Anti-scratch Lamination, Foil Stamp, Embossing, Silk Ribbon Bookmark. INCLUDES: • Luxurious Artist Lines Edition HC (14” x 20”) / BOOK 1 (150 pages) • Original Art Giclee Print • Original Art Bookplate – WITH NUMBERING Shipping will be charged after the campaign ends by BackerKit.

  • Darkwood, December 2023 (campaign ends April 08, 2023)
  • 105 pages, 14″ x 20″, hardcover
  • $149 USD
  • Order online: Kickstarter