September 2022 Dupuis Solicitations

With publishers leaving Diamond for Penguin Random House (PRH), the days of a single neat and tidy solicitation for all publishers is gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them. Links for pre-ordering the books will come later, so please watch this post for updates.

Johna et Pirlouit La guerre des 7 fontaines cover

Johan et Pirlouit – La guerre des 7 fontaines

Johan and Pirlouit‘s 10th album, La Guerre des 7 fontaines, is a key album in Peyo’s career. Firstly because it constitutes the pinnacle of his artistic production, one of those magical moments when Franco-Belgian comics are at their peak. Then because it is precisely during the publication of this album that the Smurfs, who make their second appearance, will leave the status of secondary characters to become the center of Peyo’s universe. A unique moment in the career of the Brussels cartoonist. For the first time, the original boards of this founding album of the legendary Peyo are reproduced in facsimile, in the original format!