Artifacts for February 19, 2021

I keep running across small bits of information or little updates that don’t fit an article and have been struggling to determine how best to share. Quick posts to social media make the most sense, but my focus is this site and its posts. Perhaps I’ll do both. Starting today I’ll be doing these Artifacts posts to share what’s new(s).

Graphitti Designs has used DC as their “publisher” for their line of Gallery Editions. I put publisher in parentheses because they solicit through DC but it’s hard to determine what else they did with them. While I was updating the stock numbers recently I noticed Diamond had no Gallery Editions in stock, which was a big shock since Graphitti Designs still has stock of every one of their Gallery Editions.

This seemed like a distribution move as DC shifted everything to their new distributor Lunar. I was able to do a little digging and Lunar shows three Gallery Editions available, which is a far cry from the full catalogue of eleven. Let’s hope this gets sorted out soon.

Diamond has posted their latest catalogue, March 2021 Previews for products shipping May 2021 or later. This new catalogue shows no AE format books solicited. The last AE format book solicited was in July 2020, Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition, initially scheduled for October 2020. We will see that book hit local comic shops next week.

Wayne Alan Harold provided an update via Indigogo on his fourth P. Craig Russell Fine Art Edition, Symbolist Fantasies and Other Things. He’s now hoping for an August 2021 release.

As for the Symbolist Fantasies book itself, we’re bumping the release date up a few months to August. All is going well, but Craig is going to have to do some travelling to pick up the originals for Pelléas & Mélisande—as well as a few side trips for other pieces—and he’s hoping to do so after getting his COVID vaccinations first (which will hopefully happen soon).