Artifacts for May 7, 2021

What’s new(s) in the AE format world: delays on Steve Rude’s Gourmando Deluxe Edition, and a second printing of Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition.

Because of a shipping issue, Jaynelle Rude updated crowdfunding backers about a delay for Nexus: The Coming Of Gourmando Deluxe Edition.

These are printing and will be shipping by the end of the month. Unfortunately, due to the current situation with cargo shipping, we will be unable to get them in-house quickly. We attempted to get a portion of the books shipped ahead via air and were given a quote of $21,000 USD or $75 per book! Sad to say we will quite literally waiting for our ship to come in. That also comes at a high cost, but we will be absorbing that and not raising any of the prices.

Diamond announced a second printing of Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition to fulfill current orders for the book.

Due to the incredibly strong demand for IDW Publishing’s sold-out Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition, the publisher has decided to offer retailers another chance to stock up on a second printing of this amazing book!

Orders for the new printing are due May 10.

Retailers who have existing backorders for this item will see that number as their FOC order quantity. They may change that number accordingly, and retailers who did not have backorders will also be able to order this gorgeous collection featuring the best-selling comic book ever published by one of the industry’s most popular comic book artists of all time!

Please Note: Orders will be filled with the second printing of this book.

I have confirmed with Scott Dunbier this will not have a new cover like previous second printings of Artist’s Editions.