Bob Chapman talks Graphitti Designs Gallery Editions

Felix Lu interviews Bob Chapman about Graphitti Designs and their Gallery Edition line. Well worth the listen.

A few key points in the interview. A Batman: Year One David Mazzucchelli Gallery Edition will be published at some point. Chapman was asked by DC to wait for the Absolute Batman: Year One to run its course. Released in November 2016, I’d say it’s done what it will. Secondly Chapman discusses Terry Moore Strangers In Paradise Gallery Edition and testing the waters for this type of book from smaller publishers.

I was hoping to hear more about the two previously mentioned Gallery Editions that haven’t happened yet, Bolland’s Killing Joke and Adams Green Lantern/Green Arrow. Absolute Green Lantern/Green Arrow came out in December 2015 and Absolute Batman The Killing Joke will be released September 2018. Perhaps the same reasoning accounts for these two not appearing yet.