Charles Burns talks Black Hole

Over at Vulture Charles Burns talks about Black Hole. Here’s the salient AE information.

Why do this studio-edition reprint? What was the impetus behind it?

The impetus behind it was pretty much I’ve got a flat file that’s still filled with my originals, and I look at it periodically. There’s something about just the size, and the scale, and the look that I still enjoy. I got in touch with Eric Reynolds at Fantagraphics, because I realized they were doing a similar size-scaled book of Jaime Hernandez’s work. I just asked if they were interested.

That’s surprising — I sorta figured it was an idea on the publisher’s side. How often do you go back and revisit Black Hole?

Actually, not that often. It’s one of those things where, like I said, it’s a huge flat file that’s sitting in a room. I’m rolling open the drawers, because I never remember which place to search for our origins. It’s something that I see stacked in there. So yeah. I don’t think … I haven’t … I don’t know when the last time I reread the actual book. It’s been a while. I think when I got the book of the Fantagraphics edition, I sat and read through a few chapters.

So they could have done a two volume complete Black Hole Studio Edition…

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