Comic-Con@Home 2020

The virtual Comic-Con@Home happened over the weekend and two panels pertain to AE format books. IDW Presents: Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition Spotlight and IDW Presents: IDW in 2020 and Beyond.

A discussion about the upcoming Jim Lee’s X-Men Artist’s Edition with Jim Lee and Scott Williams.

A broad discussion of IDW’s upcoming plans. This was recorded before Chris Ryall resigned. He mentions seeing an advanced copy of Dave Cockrum’s X-Men Artifact Edition, which was released last month, so this recording is at least that old. The AE line is discussed at 37:50. There’s a five-week event planned but no further details provided. Let’s hope it’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Artist’s Edition format.

Ryall says 75 of these books (AE) have been made but I can’t figure out where that number comes from. To date, there have been 72 Artist’s Editions and Artifact Editions. Three more are scheduled for release in 2020 so perhaps he’s already including those…