Q&A with Scott Dunbier: Session One

For 2018 Scott Dunbier graciously offered to answer our Patreon patron’s questions monthly. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked out: Scott’s a busy guy, cranking out twelve AE books a year for our reading pleasure, plus other special projects for IDW. I’m hopeful something can be arranged in the future. Here is the list of questions that Scott was able to answer.

1. Is there any possibility for any full colour AE of Bill Sienkiewicz’s works?

I think there is a strong possibility of doing an Artifact Edition by Bill that will have a nice selection of both black and white and color. Announced.

2. Is there any possibility for a fully inked AE of Buscema/Alcala’s work on Conan (early issues of SSOC)?

Possibly. Does anyone know of any complete stories? It’s not my wheelhouse so I’m not sure how many issues of Savage Sword they did together. Certainly nice looking stuff.

3. Will we see a new Al Williamson-centric AE in the near future?

No plans right now. I’ve talked to Al’s wife Cori about possibly doing something but it has not gone further than that.

4. How many non-Marvel AE do you plan for 2018?

Got a number of them but nothing I can talk about. One will be a blockbuster (IMO). Suggest attending Wonder-Con panel to to hear about it first. Announced.

5. Is there any chance we will see a Frazetta Came The Dawn AE portfolio?

Probably not.

6. Given the success of the Prince Valiant AE from Fantagraphics, are you reconsidering the economics of a Raymond Rip Kirby or Williamson Secret Agent Corrigan AE or a Williamson Flash Gordon AE?

If we can make it work, I would love to do Rip Kirby and Corrigan, as well as other strip books. I wish there were more fans for the material in this format, the cold realities of the market make them difficult.

7. Is it possible for us to get an Artist Edition of some vintage 80s artwork like Perez Avengers or some Jerry Ordway anything? Anything by Marvel or DC.

I’m actively collecting scans of George Perez’s work so I think sometime in 2019 is a distinct possibility. As for Ordway… That’s in DC’s court… I’m a big fan of Jerry’s art… but it’s up to the folks in Burbank to green-light it… Maybe a letter writing campaign would spur them to action?

8. I am in Canada. These books are really really expensive here (because of exchange rates and retailers assigning their own prices).  Any chance you could just print a US and CAN list price on the label?

I’ll look into that and let you know at a later date.

9. In Felix Lu’s most recent Comic Art podcast Lu and Bob Chapman spoke about market fatigue and saturation. Do you find that Artisan Editions and AE Portfolios create new fans of the format?

I don’t think the portfolios do but I think the Artisan books might. Honestly, it’s hard to say, but I think there is a larger market for them potentially, just for the cheaper price point.