Le Rayon 'U' Édition Bibliophile interior 17

Le Rayon ‘U’ Édition Bibliophile

In 1943, in the pages of the Belgian weekly Bravo!, a certain Edgard Félix Pierre Jacobs embarked on a saga entitled Le Rayon “U”. It was intended to succeed the adventures of “Flash Gordon”, banned by German censorship. The infamous Captain…

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Natacha interior 19

Natacha Artiste Édition

With Natacha, The Air Hostess (1970), François Walthéry and Gos created the first heroine of popular Franco-Belgian comics. The birth of this beauty is due as much to chance as to the talent of two authors, then almost unknown. Natacha…

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Libellule SEvade Artiste Edition interior 16

Libellule S’Évade Artiste Édition

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tillieux, find Gil Jourdan, star character of the comic strip in the album Libellule s’évade in prestige edition! This rich, luxurious and documented work reproduces original drawings and plates…

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Les Mondes De Wallace Wood catalogue interior 21

Les Mondes De Wallace Wood

A pioneer of American genre comics, Wallace Wood (1927-1981) was a virtuoso and visionary author. He left a deep mark on science fiction, fantasy, humour and erotic comics throughout a rich and unclassifiable career, to which the Festival is dedicating…

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