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Deal Alert July 2023

Some long weekend deals available from IDW and Wayne Alan Harold to celebrate July 4th, but I know in their hearts they also want to celebrate Canada Day. IDW sent this via email: This 4th of July, we invite you…

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AE Index Podcast Episode 63

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word. This month I take a look at shipping changes, 2021 Dunbier Awards: The Winners!, AE Format Out Of Print Sales January 2022, AE Index Poll February 2022, and reviews of P. Craig Russell’s…

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June 2021 Crowdfunding

For those that missed out on Wayne Alan Harold’s Indiegogo campaign for P. Craig Russell’s Symbolist Fantasies and Other Things Fine Art Edition last July, a follow-up campaign has just launched on Kickstarter. Fulfillment is showing as December 2021. This…

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December 2017 Previews

Diamond has updated Previews World with the December 2017 catalog. Scouring the full list this month shows two new Artist’s Edition format books. For complete details and daily updates visit our AE Index. Jim Starlin’s Marvel Cosmic Artifact Edition Jim Starlin was…

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