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You are the patron saint of Artist’s Editions.

Scott Dunbier, April 2020

I’m Scott VanderPloeg and I like comics. And charcuterie, and technology, but we’re here for the comics. In 2010 I started writing about them at Comic Book Daily with over 1200 posts.

Around 2013 I realized this new Artist’s Edition (AE) format, printing pages of scanned original comic art at full size, was an exciting way for fans and collectors alike to experience something unique. In 2014 I started a page at Comic Book Daily called Artist’s Edition | Gallery Edition | Original Art Archives | Index, listing all AE books in print and everything that was solicited.

AE Closet July 2021. All my AE format books in one place.

My collection grew as I committed to reviewing every AE format book as they were published. I realized The Artist’s Edition Index couldn’t be contained and needed its own website, so The Artist’s Edition Index was launched in July 2017. It’s a one-man-band, with me doing everything, beholden to no one.

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Here’s what Scott Dunbier had to say:

Hey, are you a fan of IDW (or other publishers) Artist’s Edition type books? Then you might want to check this out and become a Patreon backer. This site is a true labour of love, there is no reason for the proprietor to put all this energy, time, and incredible detail into this project except for the pure love of these books. Updates regularly, all books are reviewed, a terrific podcast… Okay, I’m gushing, but I really appreciate what Scott VanderPloeg does—and if you love AE books, you will too!

And Tom Surgeon at The Comics Reporter: In Praise Of The Specific.

There was an on-line publishing theory I read around the turn of the century where the author suggested that informational sites would be rotational rather than foundational. He claimed every generation would build its own version of the hardcore information sites according to their proclivities and abilities to present information. That does seem to be kind of coming true. Let’s not leave aside our enjoyment of sites that are frequently useful, like this one compiling all you want to know about the Artist’s Edition book(s).

And a dedication in John Buscema’s Marvel Heroes Artist’s Edition. Here’s the colophon.

John Buscemas Marvel Heroes Artists Edition Dedication