AE Index Dunbier Awards Featured

2021 Dunbier Awards

A new year is upon us and that means 2021 is complete and we can vote on the Artist’s Edition format books published in the past twelve months. The voting is done through internal polling, which limits votes by IP…

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Will Eisner The Centennial Celebration 1917 2017 interior 24

Will Eisner The Centennial Celebration, 1917-2017

The legacy that Will Eisner (1917–2005) had on sequential art cannot be overstated—his innovative storytelling, layouts, and art on his newspaper series The Spirit inspired a generation of cartoonists, and his turn toward an acclaimed run of graphic novels beginning in 1978…

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LEsprit de Will Eisner interior 15

L’Esprit de Will Eisner

Will Eisner is one of the most influential authors in American comics. On June 6, 1940, he created ‘The Spirit’, a series published in the form of leaves inserted in the Sunday newspapers, in which he played with the codes…

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AE Index Podcast Featured

Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 61

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word. This month I take a look at shipping changes, Poll December 2021, Out Of Print Sales November 2021, and reviews of Libellule S’Évade Artiste Édition and Nexus: The Newspaper…

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Libellule SEvade Artiste Edition interior 16

Libellule S’Évade Artiste Édition

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Tillieux, find Gil Jourdan, star character of the comic strip in the album Libellule s’évade in prestige edition! This rich, luxurious and documented work reproduces original drawings and plates…

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AE Index Poll Featured

AE Index Poll December 2021

Welcome to our monthly poll, where we ask for all loyal AE fans to cast their votes. Everyone has dreams, here are David Jakoi’s. These are his top 5 choices for possible AE format books. These amazing artists have created some…

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