Graphitti Designs April 2024 Solicitations

The days of a single neat and tidy solicitation for all publishers are gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them, either from their websites or catalogues. This one comes via Lunar, DC’s distributor.

Brian Bolland The Killing Joke Gallery Edition cover

Brian Bolland-Batman: The Killing Joke and Other Stories & Art Gallery Edition

The art of Brian Bolland has been a high-point for comic fans for over forty years. Scanned at actual-size from the original art, this deluxe, hardcover collection follows Bolland’s career featuring his DC Comics work from his early 1980’s covers and stories to his current covers. This once in a lifetime gathering of Bolland’s art comprises the finest presentation and the definitive compilation of his body of work.

This will be a 280 page, large-format (13” x 20”) hardcover book that will include three 2-page foldouts and seven vellum inserts, with similar paper stock and production values to the previous Graphitti Designs Gallery Editions. Besides featuring the complete Batman: The Killing Joke story from 1988, the BRIAN BOLLAND-BATMAN: THE KILLING JOKE and Other Stories & Art Gallery Edition will also include:

  • Afterword by Brian Bolland
  • Introduction by Richard Starkings
  • An Innocent Guy from BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE #4 (8 pages)
  • Certified Safe from MYSTERY IN SPACE #115 (7 pages)
  • Freeway of Fun Fear! from THE OUTSIDERS #18 (8 pages)
  • The Princess & the Frog from HEART THROBS #1 (5 pages)
  • The Prince & the Witch from HEART THROBS #1 (1 page)
  • Story pages from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #200 (5 pages)
  • Story pages from BATMAN #400 (9 pages)
  • More than 100 pages of black & white and color cover art from WONDER WOMAN, CAMELOT 3000, ANIMAL MAN, ROBIN, BATMAN…and much more.
  • Miscellaneous art and pin-ups including the two-page spreads of CAMELOT 3000 and GREEN LANTERN CORPS from DC COMICS WHO’S WHO.
  • Gallery of assorted UK, convention, pencil roughs and preliminary artwork.
  • A new Digital Gallery section showcasing Bolland’s current work, annotated by Brian.
Brian Bolland Batman The Killing Joke Gallery Edition Lunar
Brian Bolland Batman The Killing Joke Gallery Edition DC Connect
Brian Bolland Killing Joke Gallery Edition Previews

That may be the longest title of an AE format book, with the most punctuation. Graphitti Designs is using both major distributors for this book, Diamond and Lunar. Unfortunately, they are three weeks apart on their shipping dates. This publisher doesn’t have a book distributor, so it’s only going to be available via comic shops, local or online. Most online retailers should have preorder links up next week.

As a reminder, here was the exclusive cover reveal with the standard cover on the left and the UK variant cover on the right. Variants at publication traditionally have only been available directly from Graphitti Designs, but it appears UK retailers will have a different cover than US retailers.

There will be three versions of this book: the regular cover, the variant cover for the UK market, and a signed and numbered slipcased edition with a print run of 250. All three versions will be available from Graphitti Designs’ website. Pricing for the variant and signed and numbered will be revealed closer to publication.

Batman The Killing Joke Brian Bolland Gallery Edition prelim covers