Brian Bolland: The Killing Joke Gallery Edition lives!

Bob Chapman of Graphitti Designs was kind enough to provide this exclusive information regarding their long-awaited Brian Bolland: The Killing Joke Gallery Edition. Chapman is working away at this amazing volume of Bolland’s DC work. Here is a list of what is expected to be included:

  • Batman: The Killing Joke (46 pages)
  • Batman: Black & White #4 An Innocent Guy (8 pages)
  • Mystery In Space #115 Certified Space! (7 pages)
  • Justice League #200 Chapter 6: Green Arrow & Black Canary vs. Batman (6 pages)
  • Batman #400 Chapter XI: Under the Wind (7 pages)
  • Outsiders #18 Freeway of Fear! (8 pages)
  • Covers: Wonder Woman, Animal Man, Camelot 3000, misc.
  • Interiors: Who’s Who spreads of Camelot 3000 and Green Lantern Corps, two gatefolds
  • Corrections and alternate pages that Graphitti Designs has become famous for in their Gallery Editions
  • Much more!

This volume will be approximately 208 pages, with an expected release date of fall 2024.

But wait: there’s an opportunity for collectors to assist with this impressive work. Graphitti Designs is actively looking for approximately ten pages from The Killing Joke, including the cover. They’re also interested in any Brian Bolland DC art. If you have any of this material and have not been in contact with Bob Chapman, please reach out to him at [email protected] and share!