April 2024 Crowdfunding

The days of a single neat and tidy solicitation for all publishers are gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them, either from their websites or catalogues. As well crowdfunding provides an opportunity for smaller publishers.

Den 2 Brute Edition cover prelim

Den 2 Movovum Edition Limtée grand format Brute

A limited, numbered, large-format 28×37.5 cm “BRUTE” edition of 550. Acclaimed far beyond France’s borders, the BRUTE edition of DEN 1 allowed you to discover the artist’s originals as they were, only lettered in French. To date, these are the only “Artist Editions” in the world devoted to Richard CORBEN’s work, and they will not be reissued! These editions will also be accompanied by sets of goodies unlocked at the end of the campaign.

After the revelation of Richard CORBEN’s talent in the first opus of DEN, discover the masterpiece of the saga, with DEN 2, “MUVOVUM”, considered to this day as one of the absolute peaks of the artistic career of the 2019 Angoulême Grand Prix winner!

More than three decades after his last publication in French, and following the magnificent success of the limited editions produced for the publication of DEN’s first book, we’re delighted to bring you DEN 2 in two editions made entirely from the artist’s original plates.

The importance of this work in Richard CORBEN’s immense career cannot be underestimated and DEN 2 MUVOVUM is often regarded as THE fantasy masterpiece of its author and unquestionably the one of the DEN saga!

As many are aware, DEN 1 was an essential work, not only because it revealed the talent of its author, but also because it allowed everyone to discover and appreciate his artistic approach, his research and technical experimentations, and to see his style assert itself as the pages went by.

Published in 1981, DEN 2 MUVOVUM is another essential work in CORBEN’s production: totally mastered, it literally sublimates his technique, both in drawing and in color, brilliantly demonstrating for all to see, a totally brilliant approach that is unique in the world of comic art.

Once again there is no retailer bundle of the Raw Edition so I won’t have copies in the store. They have a limited number of the first volume available for those that missed it the first time. Here’s my review.

Shipping to North America has doubled from the first volume. Delirium had this to say:

We also had to increase contributions to shipping costs, because all prices have exploded: these costs include “armored” boxes, bubble wrap, handling, logistics and shipping costs, each item having increased… With the editions “out of format” raws are even more expensive. In short, we had to adjust and try to combine this in a reasonable and relevant way, knowing that there is no weighting criterion to refine all of this.

Also, stretch goals now go to all buyers and not just the regular book supporters.

Yes, for this campaign we have decided to offer unlocked postcards and bookmarks to all contributors regardless of the version they choose.