IDW June 2023 Solicitations

With publishers leaving Diamond for Penguin Random House (PRH), the days of a single neat and tidy solicitation for all publishers are gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them, either from their websites or catalogues.

Chris Samnee's Black Widow Artists Edition cover

Chris Samnee’s Black Widow Artist’s Edition

The first six issues of the acclaimed Black Widow series by Mark Waid and Chris Samnee are given the award-winning Artist’s Edition treatment. Every cover, page, and layout is scanned from the original art.

Collecting the first six issues of the acclaimed Black Widow series, penciled and inked by Chris Samnee, and written by frequent collaborator Mark Waid. All pages have been scanned from the original art and are presented the same size as drawn. This volume will include a number of layouts by Samnee that show his creative process.

Chris Samnees Black Widow Artists Edition catalogue