An Early IDW Artist’s Edition House Ad

Tarzan AE ad

I’ve been out of single-issue comics for a few decades but came across a Godzilla comic from 2012 that featured this ad on the back cover. A few things stuck out at me. First off, this is an ad for the seventh Artist’s Edition in the third year of the format. This was the early days and IDW was always hesitant to list the price, so it’s a mystery here too. Also, it doesn’t tell you what an Artist’s Edition is, or is it an Artist Edition? The ad uses both. And a quote from Mike Mignola to Scott Dunbier: is this from a conversation they had, or some other correspondence? We can infer this is some kind of art book that collects six complete Kubert Tarzan stories. Yes, I’m being critical, but also approaching it from a viewpoint of someone who would have encountered this ad and hadn’t heard of Artist’s Editions.