Deal Alert Two for April 2019

IDW is celebrating its 20th anniversary with 20% off all in-stock books on their site. For this crowd, that means Artist’s Editions, Artifact Editions, and Artist’s Edition portfolios.

Best to focus on those books that are no longer available through Diamond like P. Craig Russell’s Strange Dreams Artist’s Edition or Jim Starlin’s Marvel Cosmic Artifact Edition.

Or go after those variant covers that are only available through the IDW site, such as Best of EC Vol 1 Artist’s Edition Signed and Numbered Variant by Al Feldstein, or Mark Schultz’s Xenozoic Tales Artist’s Edition Signed and Numbered Variant.

Here’s a link to the AE section of IDW’s site.

From April 19-30 IDW is also giving an additional discount to retailers through Diamond. If you’d like to support your local comic shop go in and ask them for a deal.