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Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 23

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word, join me monthly for a look at all things Artist’s Edition. This month we take a look at shipping changes, Baltimore Comic*Con, August 2018 Sales Numbers, Out Of Print Sales August 2018, John Byrne's X-Men Artifact Edition, and P. Craig Russell's Salome and Other Stories Fine Art Edition.

John Byrne’s X-Men Artifact Edition

John Byrne’s run on the X-Men began with issue #108 and lasted until #143. The team of Claremont, Byrne, and Austin made the X-Men (which was already a hit series under Dave Cockrum) soar to the top of the charts…


March 2018 Previews Solicitations

Diamond has updated Previewsworld, a day late, with the March 2018 catalog. Scouring the full list this month shows one new Artist’s Edition format book. For complete details and daily updates visit our AE Index. John Byrne’s X-Men Artifact Edition John Byrne’s…

John Byrne’s The Fantastic Four Artist’s Edition

IDW is pleased to offer more than six issues worth of Fantastic Four stories by John Byrne in the Eisner Award-winning Artist’s Edition format. Included in this volume are issue 232 (the first one with Byrne on as writer &…