December 2022 Diamond Solicitations

Diamond has released its latest Previews World catalogue. Two AE format books were solicited. One has appeared previously in publisher solicitations but I will list Diamond solicitations as well. The other, for some reason, is appearing here first instead of IDW’s distributor Penguin Random House.

Michael Goldens Marvel Stories Artists Edition cover prelim

Michael Golden’s Marvel Stories Artist’s Edition

The work of one of the most influential artists in comics gets the Artist’s Edition treatment! Michael Golden is a true “Artist’s Artist”; his work has inspired several generations of comic artists, and fans across the globe eagerly await his new releases. This Artist’s Edition of Golden’s Marvel work will include four stories (two short NAM stories from Strange Adventures, and the Wolverine Christmas story), including one of his most fondly remembered, the Spider-Man/Hulk from Marvel Fanfare #47, considered to be one of his very best! Additionally, this collection will include pages from Doctor Strange #55, Avengers Annual #10, and covers galore! If you are a Michael Golden fan then this is the Artist’s Edition you have been waiting for!

  • Publication date: July 05, 2023
  • ISBN 978-1-68405-919-5
  • 12″ x 17″
  • 176 pages
  • $150 USD
  • Order online: Coming Soon!
Will Eisners The Best of The Spirit Artisan Edition

Will Eisner’s The Best of The Spirit Artisan Edition

Will Eisner’s work on The Spirit was, in its way, as groundbreaking as Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane. Both artistic achievements rewrote the book on sequential storytelling and had lasting impacts on all that followed them. Featured within these pages are 17 Spirit stories all from Eisner’s peak period, 1946-1950, generally regarded as his best work on The Spirit. An Artisan Edition collects stories, covers and pages that have been reproduced from the original art. While appearing to be in black and white, these images have been scanned in colour, allowing the reader to view them as closely as possible to the original art. Ink gradients, blue pencil, corrections, and more are all clearly visible, all the wonderful subtle nuances that make original art so special and unique.