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AE Index Solicits Featured

December 2022 Diamond Solicitations

Diamond has released its latest Previews World catalogue. Two AE format books were solicited. One has appeared previously in publisher solicitations but I will list Diamond solicitations as well. The other, for some reason, is appearing here first instead of IDW’s…

AE Index Solicits Featured

September 2022 IDW Solicitations

With publishers leaving Diamond for Penguin Random House (PRH), the days of a neat and tidy solicitation from all the publishers are gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them. Links for pre-ordering…

AE Index Podcast Featured

AE Index Podcast Episode 62

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word. This month I take a look at shipping changes, 2021 Dunbier Awards, Out Of Print Sales December 2021, Heritage Comic & Comic Art Auction Catalogs, and reviews of L’Esprit…

Dave Stevens The Rocketeer Artists Edition colophon

The Artist’s Edition at 10 years: in the beginning

Ten years ago IDW launched the first Artist’s Edition, creating a new format in collected comics and establishing themselves as the preeminent original art publisher. Since then 116 similar volumes from thirteen publishers have hit the market. An astounding achievement…

The Frank Darabont Collection catalog interior 13

The Frank Darabont Collection catalogue

Following the hugely successful sale of Frank Frazetta art from the collection of Dave Winiewicz, Profiles in History is delighted to announce their upcoming sale of select works from the personal collection of legendary writer, director, and film producer Frank…

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Artist’s Edition Index Poll March 2020

Welcome to our monthly poll, where we ask for all loyal AE fans to cast their votes. Shaking things up this month in honour of 2020’s 10th anniversary of the Artist’s Edition format. I had a chance to compare the…


Artist’s Edition Index Podcast Episode 20

Taking the Artist’s Edition Index from print to the spoken word, join me monthly for a look at all things Artist’s Edition. This month we take a look at shipping changes, July 2018 Previews solicitations, May 2018 Sales Numbers, Artist’s Edition Out Of Print Sales May 2018, and a review of Will Eisner's A Contract with God Curator's Collection.
Will Eisner's A Contract with God Curator's Collection

Will Eisner’s A Contract with God Curator’s Collection

Will Eisner’s A Contract with God–one of the most influential graphic novels of all time–reproduced at 1:1 size from the original art! This deluxe slipcase, two-volume hardcover set contains full-size, full-colour reproductions of Eisner’s unpublished pencil layouts in one volume and…

Will Eisner's The Spirit Artist's Edition Volume Two

Will Eisner’s The Spirit Artist’s Edition Volume Two

Will Eisner’s work on The Spirit was, in its way, as groundbreaking as Orson Welles‘ Citizen Kane. Both artistic achievements rewrote the book on sequential storytelling, and had lasting impacts on all that followed them. Volume two will contain stories from the same glorious…

Will Eisners The Spirit Artists Edition interior 25

Will Eisner’s The Spirit Artist’s Edition

IDW is exceedingly proud to offer an Artist’s Edition of Will Eisner’s The Spirit. Created by Eisner in 1940, the Spirit is to comics what Citizen Kane was to cinema—groundbreaking and brilliant. 17 classic stories are collected in this volume,…