IDW November 2023 Solicitations Redux

The days of a single neat and tidy solicitation for all publishers are gone. Individual publishers’ listings will be posted on a monthly basis as I discover them, either from their websites or catalogues. This one has long been mentioned but is now solicited. This is the other type of Artisan Edition: a hardcover featuring material not previously published in an Artist’s Edition. Others include Jack Kirby Pencils And Inks Artisan Edition and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artisan Edition. While the solicitation text says “Jack Kirby’s The Eternals” the cover image shows “Jack Kirby Eternals” so we’ll have to wait and see what the final book says.

Jack Kirby Eternals Pencils and Inks Artisan Edition cover

Jack Kirby’s The Eternals Pencils and Inks Artisan Edition

A treasure trove of unseen material from the King of Comics, whose impact continues to resonate with fans today!

Explore side-by-side presentations of restored photocopies of Jack Kirby’s pencils next to the finished inks scanned from the original art. Several complete stories featuring The Eternals, including covers, will give a keen insight into the creative process of Jack Kirby, making this book a must-have for any fan of the artist, or any fan of the artform.