A new year is upon us and that means 2018 is complete and we can vote on the Artist’s Edition format books published in the past twelve months. The voting is done through internal polling, which limits votes by IP address and cookie. Voting is open from January 1 to January 31, with the final results posted Friday, February 1.

These annual awards are named for Scott Dunbier, who at IDW created the Artist’s Edition format in 2010. They are meant to shine a spotlight on the format and the works published in the previous year. Previous winners: 2015, 2016, 2017.

The survey is all text based; here is a cover gallery of all 2018 Artist’s Edition format books, seventeen in total. All have been reviewed and are available under Reviews.

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Best design. What AE format book of 2018 had the best overall design, including its use of colour, images and text.

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Best reproduction and scanning quality. What AE format book of 2018 has the best presentation of the original art in terms of clarity, scan quality, and presenting the art in its original art format.

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Best publisher. What publisher or imprint in 2018 best represented the AE format with their commitment to quality, maintaining their publishing schedule, and promoting their material in the AE format.

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Best overall. What AE format book in 2018 was the overall best work, in its design, presentation of material, and quality.

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Favourite material. What AE format book of 2018 was your favourite material: story, character, artist.

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Purchases. Please check every AE format book you purchased in 2018.

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