SDCC 2019 Announcements

San Diego Comic-Con 2019 occurred July 17-21 and of interest to our readers was a panel held by IDW’s Scott Dunbier. Let’s discuss the AE related news.

SDCC 2019 Announcements

IDW Publishing: Artist’s Editions & More!
Sunday, 7/21/19, 3:00p.m. – 4:00p.m.
Room: 32AB
Accept no substitutes! The one and only Artist’s Edition panel is here! The format pioneered by Scott Dunbier has blossomed into its own industry, with gorgeous original art books on shelves worldwide. But for the info on the Real McCoy, this is the place to be! Join Scott and a special guest or two, for inside info, and announcements of upcoming Artist’s Editions, Artisan Editions…and more!

The event was covered by Bleeding Cool and online but sadly there doesn’t appear to be a recording available.

There was one new announcement made: EC Comics Covers Artist’s Editon. It will contain approximately 50% new material and 50% material previously seen in other Artist’s Editions.

Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Artist’s Edition has been pushed to 2020.

John Byrne’s Marvel Classics Artifact Edition will include six pages of unpublished Captain America work. As well there will be a variant with a wraparound cover.

Dave Cockrum’s X-Men Artifact Edition was mentioned again but no release date.

It’s nice we’re getting more EC art but I was hoping for stories and not a book with previously published material. I realize few people buy every AE, and the covers books have been very successful, so this should be quite popular.