Kickstarter: Thicker Than Blood Collected Artwork Edition

A crowdfunded Artist’s Edition format book featuring Mike Ploog and Simon Bisley. I’m late to this one and it’s already fully funded and they’re working towards the third stretch goal. What’s not to like? From the Kickstarter:

Kickstarter: Thicker Than Blood Collected Artwork Edition

This will be an original-art-sized edition unlike any before it. Not only will the book reproduce the art at the original size it was created; it will also represent the work of TWO artists, not just one. And, further, it will cover the mediums of both black-and-white line and full-color paint, presented side by side. As a lover of art, I thought that fans of Mike and fans of Simon would genuinely appreciate viewing their art in this format.

As you will see, both artists brought something very special to “Thicker Than Blood.” Studying each page will give you a view of two artists injecting a lot of energy into each other’s work. Mike’s composition and drawing is spot on, and Simon’s work compliments and expands on Mike’s masterful page layouts. You can see just how much thought and time Simon put into each and every panel. For the long-time Ploog fans out there, I will add this: Not since the days of Frank Chiaramonte, laying down wonderful inks to Mike Ploog’s pencils, have I seen another artist’s work compliment Mike’s drawings as well as does Simon Bisley’s. It’s really good stuff!

This will be a large hardcover book that measures 12” x 17”. We will take full advantage of this format by reproducing Mike’s graphic pen and ink pages on the left-hand page and Simon’s richly painted artwork on the right-hand page. So, each and every cover and interior page can be compared and enjoyed in both mediums; one right next to the other!

Together, Mike and Simon created 136 interior pages and 12 covers. Each piece of the original art was painstakingly scanned, capturing every fine detail. So, what you will see when you look through this book will be as close to looking at the originals as possible. And, in actuality, this book contains six complete comics; three by Mike and three by Simon. Whether you are a fan of Mike Ploog or of Simon Bisley, OR OF BOTH, we think you will really enjoy the “Thicker Than Blood: Collected Artwork Edition.”